Karlskrona archipelago

Karlskrona's beautiful archipelago is a perfect place to relax, recharge your batteries and just be. Welcome to Karlskrona. In the middle of the archipelago.

Karlskrona and Sweden’s most southerly archipelago is made up of 1,650 islands, islets and skerries – from Hasslö in the west to Utlängan in the east. Savour blue days of wind, water, salt-splashed rocks and glorious bays for bathing.
The city of Karlskrona is built upon 33 islands. Without the protective ring of large and small islands surrounding the city, King Karl XI, would probably not have chosen Trossö for his new naval base. There are islands, that have from one to 1,500 inhabitants, islands with and without connection to the mainland. Look for your very own favorite spot - and enjoy - because there are plenty of them!

Far out in eastern archipelago, there are plenty of exciting islands like, Inlängan, Utlängan, Stenshamn, Ungskär and Hästholmen, which offers a charming setting. The character of the islands here, differs a lot from the green inner archipelago. Far out to the southeast, lies the group of islands called Utklippan. The environment at Utklippan is unique and liberating - and if you are lucky, you´ll spot the seal colony. The seals really enjoy their life at this special place, and hopefully you will too!

Karlskrona´s archipelago is part of Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve, nominated by UNESCO in 2011.



After passing the Möcklösund bridge on the way out to Sturkö, you will come to Brofästet, offering refreshments and a farm shop. Don’t miss the sweet strawberries and the delicious new potatoes! Sandvik is a delightful bathing spot with a sandy beach and jetty – perfect for picnics. The country lanes winding across the island are excellent for cycling. The beautiful sheltered coastline around the island is inviting for canoeing, so why not hire a canoe and enjoy the freedom of the water? You will also find Valshall Viking village here, plus an angling centre with shop.

Tjurkö - the stonecutter island

The Stonecutter island, as it is also known, boasts an interesting past. Around 1900 it was home to one of the largest workplaces in the country. Paving stone was quarried and shipped to the metropolises of the world! Wander the culture trail at Herrgården, then enjoy coffee and cakes and shop for local handicrafts in the old shop (closed 2020). Take a refreshing dip at Hägnans beach or from the wonderful rocky shores around the island. The archipelago boats call at Herrgårdsviken and Finskan during the summer.


Ytterön-Östra Hästholmen

Enjoy genuine cultural environments, nature reserves, inviting coves and, above all, tranquillity. One tip is to go exploring by bike with your own picnic. See the preserved boatyard of the Mårtensson brothers, famed for its special hunting canoes and ’Blekinge eka’ boats! Several fascinating military relics, such as bunkers and towers, are to be found on the island, reminders of days gone by. A nice beach and lots of lovely cliffs to take a dip from!

Torhamn - Sandhamn

There is a small guest harbour, charming boathouses and a very attractive bathing beach at Pettersvik. Kafé Måsen offers gorgeous views and tasty potato dumplings.  Archipelago boat Ungskär departs from here to the Eastern Archipelago. The bird observatory at Torhamn cape is a paradise for bird-watchers from all over Europe.
In Sandhamn you will find sea side cottages for rent, guestharbour, fishing camp, parking for motorhomes and a nice restaurant, that is open during the summer.

Torhamn map


This island is also known as ”Little Hawaii” due to its sunny weather and its inviting beach with shallow water, Sandvik. You will find an excellent playground, plenty of sand and a volleyball court. Two attractive guest harbours plus a café, are among the attractions of Hasslö. On your way to the island, you pass Almö nature reserve with an 18-hole golf course and Hjortahammar grave field from 700-1050 A.D. The archipelago boat calls at Horn, on the east side of Hasslö, during the summer.


The island has a sheltered harbour with the village clustered around it. Ungskär is low and grassy and from a distance the cottages appear to be floating on the sea! The popular guest harbour attracts boating visitors to the island. Go on a voyage of discovery! Map sheets of the island can be obtained from the arrivals building at the harbour.


An idyll dating back to 1600, also known as ”The village of a thousand roses”. A real gem for boating folk as well as visitors coming by car and motorbike. Stroll along the mighty town wall, which encloses the town and serves as a reminder of its historical association with Denmark. Take a dip from the pier or at one of the bathing spots. Sit on the quay and enjoy watching all the activity in the harbour. You will also find a cosy café, guest harbour and a popular campsite.



The lookout point on the island provides expansive view of the archipelago. From the guest harbour at Säljö Brygga (jetty) a footpath runs to the café and the cottages.  The Archipelago boats also call at Säljö Brygga during the summer.

Stenshamn & Utlängan

These two islands lie far out in Karlskrona’s eastern archipelago. Untouched, genuine and just large enough for a day excursion or a few days in the guest harbour. You will find an abundance of bird life, possibilities for bathing and outdoor life, a walking trail and an exhibition in the boathouse at Stenshamn about the history of the islands during the 20th century. At ”Pelles Sjöbod” you can buy ice cream, coffee and cakes in summer. You reach Stenshamn with the archipelago boats Wittus or Ungskär.

Aspö - great for biking

This island is perfect for cycle tours, with its idyllic country lanes lined with lilac bushes.The scenery on Aspö is full of variety,with rocky bathing spots, coves, forest and meadows. Pay a visit to one of the charming galleries and don’t miss Drottningskär Citadel from the 17th century. Enjoy the view from the cannon apertures – can you spot any enemy vessels approaching? The Museum for Mobile Coast Artillery is another interesting attraction. Aspö Lotstorn (the old harbour pilot tower) offers a great and unusual accommodation option. The archipelago boats call at Drottningskär during the summer. The yellow ferry from Handelshamnen provides a free opportunity to come to the island all year round. The guest harbor is situated at Lökanabben, on the eastern side of the island, next to the citadel.

Sturkö - Blekinge’s largest island

Blekinge’s largest island offers attractive bays for bathing and fine fishing waters. It boasts a mediaeval herb garden and a traditional archipelago bakery. Andren's bakery is open during summer, remaining year, only on Saturdays. Enjoy the view from Sturkö Mill, with a café and exhibitions (closed 2020), or explore the wonderful archipelago scenery on the southern half of the island. Stop off at Västra Skällön nature reserve, for a refreshing dip! If you come by sea in your own boat, there are two delightful guest harbours to choose from. The archipelago boats call at Bredavik and Sanda, during the summer season. The island got the bridgeconnection in 1939.