Senoren -  Great for family-outings!

The view is wonderful from the bridge that leads across the strait, Möcklösundsbron.
A sight in itself with its 18 meters clear sail height. The island Senoren is situated close to the mainland and its lush greenery frames the agricultural landscape. The potatoes and the sweet strawberries are two hallmarks of the island.

What´s to explore here?
The first thing you reach is Brofästet, where there is a restaurant, café and farm shop. During the summer, there are often exhibitions, flea markets and other events going on here. This place is also a hub along ARK56, an interconnected network of trails for hiking, biking, kayaking and sailing.

Sandvik is a nice bathing place with both a beach and a jetty to swim from.

In the summer of 2021, a the orienteering club arranges maps that is available for purchase, at the ICA grocery store on Senoren. It is a great way to get the whole family on a journey of discovery, by bike or on foot, you look up a number of points on a map and pair these with the right picture from the place (only in swedish). The small roads that meander along the island are also very good for cycling. At Kustgården's camping you can rent, boat, kayak and bike.

When the stomach begins to curl:  Brofästet (food & drink) and Kustgården (coffe & icecream "fika")

Accommodation: Kustgården's camping and cabins, Brofästets motorhome parking & cabins

Transport: The island has a bridge connection to the mainland. Archipelago boat docks at Brofästet during the summer.

Tips when visiting Senoren

Brofästet Senoren farmshop & Baltic café

Brofästet Senoren farmshop & Baltic café

Welcome to enjoy a lovely lunch at the porch, with a tremendous view over Möcklösund!

Kustgården Senoren Camping & Cottages

Kustgården Senoren Camping & Cottages

Kustgården Senoren offers camping, youth-hostel, cottages and B&B in lovely surroundings in the


Brofästet Senoren - RV parking

RV parking with a great sea view in the archipelago.