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Places of interest 

Karlskrona has a long and interesting history, where large parts have been preserved and which can now be visited. Places that offer fantastic experiences in unique environments. Karlskrona has a large selection of exciting museums and other interesting places to visit. If it is the power of nature that attracts you, nature reserves, gardens and parks are waiting for you.


Paddlande kajak

Karlskrona archipelago

Karlskrona's most unique destination!

Your guide to the archipelago
Flygbild Marinmuseum

The Naval Museum

Karlskrona's main attraction! This is one of southern Sweden's most popular tourist destinations. Exciting, fun and educational for the whole family.

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Drottningskärs kastell

Drottningskär Citadel

Drottningskär citadel is part of the world heritage site Karlskrona and was built in the last decades of the 17th century. Drottningskär Citadel, part of the World Heritage site Karlskrona, was built during the last decades of the 17th century and is considered one of the Swedish fortifications' foremost creations. Opening hours 2023: Saturday  - Sunday until October 1: 12.30-16.30.

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Blekinge Museum grevagården

Blekinge Museum

The Blekinge Museum contains fascinating stories and traces from 10,000 years of history!

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Familj som åter vattenrutchkana

Barnens Gård

A day at the Children's Farm (Barnens Gård) is a day filled with fun mischief and play. Open from 3rd June - 3rd September 2023.

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Kvinna med barn på axlarna i Kristianopels hamn


Kristianopel, the old Danish village, is a true gem you don't want to miss!

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Malin Mena Glastornet studioglashytta i Nättraby

The Glastornet Studio in Nättraby

In the Glastornet Studio in Nättraby you will find the glass artist Malin Mena. Here, traditional glassblowing is mixed with fresh new thinking, which results in beautiful glass art for both indoor and outdoor environments.
Come and experience glassblowing live!

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Bil och porslinsmuseum


Two unique collections in Albinsson and Sjöberg's operations, car and porcelain museums. Bilmuseum contains several of Bilsport's most popular project cars as well as classics known from the magazine Nostalgia and much more. The porcelain factory in Karlskrona was located in the same place as where the museum is today, industrial history at its best. Open: until 15th June: Fridays and Saturdays at 11 am - 4 pm. Closed during Easter. Extended opening hours during the summer season. The entrance fee of 120 SEK includes entrance to both the Porcelain Museum and the Car Museum. Children under the age of 15 - free entrance, in company with an adult. Café with homemade cakes and the coffee is naturally drunk from cups from the porcelain factory.

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The Royal Church of the Admiralty - Ulrica Pia

The Royal Church of the Admiralty - Ulrica

The Royal Church of the Admiralty, Ulrica Pia, dates from 1685 and is one of the largest wooden

Möckleryds rock carvings - Horsahallen

Möckleryds rock carvings - Horsahallen

In Torhamn lies Blekinge's largest rock carving. Hästhallen or Horsahallen as it is also called, can

Boda Borg

Boda Borg

Boda Borg is an adventure for your mind, your physique, your creativity but above all for your team!

Skärgårdskraft - art and craft at Tjurkö

Skärgårdskraft - art and craft at Tjurkö

Coffee serving, stone carving exhibition, audio walk

Museum of Mobile Coastal Artillery

Museum of Mobile Coastal Artillery

On the scenic island Aspö in Karlskrona archipelago lies "Museum of M

Kungsholms Fort

Kungsholms Fort

Kungsholm's fortress is one of the old fortifications on the southern fairway into Karlskrona.

Places of interest in Karlskrona

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