Kristianopel - A hidden gem

Kristianopel, which is one of the most sun safest places in Sweden, is a true hideaway!

There are small shops, restaurants and a popular café. Accommodation is at the campsite, in the harbor, in cabins or at a Bed & Breakfast. 

To stroll around among the small wooden houses, where the heavy scent of roses from the gardens mixes with the fresh breeze from the sea is the best way to experience Kristianopel. Sit down on a bench in the harbour and look out over the water where you can imagine Öland's southern point in the horizon.

If you want to see the village a bit from above, you can walk around parts of the village on the mighty, old city wall. The view is fantastic!

Kristianopel's Church

Kristianopel's Church

In 1618 the construction of Kristianopel church started and it´s a beautiful example of early 17th



Högasand's nature reserve is located just north of Kristianopel. The unique dunes and old pines are

Bathing spot - Kristianopel

Bathing spot - Kristianopel

In the nice villag of Kristianopel there are two bathing spots.

Kristianopel's history

Kristianopel reminiscents of times of strife and war. Everywhere one sees traces of the time when the border between Denmark and Sweden joined in these parts. The kilometer-long city wall with its bastions protected the inhabitants, but above all it testifies of a heavily fortified border between the countries. The city was founded by the Danish King Christian IV in the early 1600s and is considered to be Scandinavia's first Renaissance city. The currently idyllic Kristianopel has an exciting and sometimes very violent history to discover and learn more about.

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Flicka med glass i Kristianopel

Fun for kids

In Kristianopel there is always something fun to do for the kids!
- Walk on the Great Wall! So exciting, but here you have to hold an adult by the hand!
- Fun treasure hunts are being held during the summer.
- Exciting environments that spurs the imagination.
- Play minature golf at the camping site.
- Lovely shallow swimming area, with a large lawn area for play.
- Sit on the canons of the cozy harbour and scout out after ships on the big blue!
- Just north of Kristianopel is Höga Sands (High Sand's) nature reserve, where there is an exotic sandy area where the antlions live! Dig in the sand, running freely, jump and play. Slide down the sandy hills! In the winter there are many good sledding hills.

Events in Kristianopel

Kristianopels hamn i solnedgång

Good to know - Kristianopel

Public toilets are in the harbour behind the service building.

Free parking in designated places.

You will find pharmacies in Jämjö and Torsås.

Free WiFi is available at Café Sött & Salt.

Transport from Fågelmara - coastal bus line 500, Blekingetrafiken.

Shops in Kristianopel

Boutique Sköna Ting
In addition to home decor you will also find clothing, jewelry and food in this cozy and unique shop, situated in a beautiful old house surrounded by a lovely garden.

Gammal & Nött
Antique or only old. A small summer shop, behind the grocery store.

Marias Presenter
In this charming shop you will find home interior decoration, artwork and much more.

Kristianopel's grocery store
Small cozy grocery store in the middle of the village.

Lilla Butiken på Möllehall
Be curious about stylish Nordic design! Clothing and interior decoration of best quality! Open all year round..

Interiör bild från butiken Sköna Ting

Himmel & Jord
Power jewelry made of silver, gold, stones and crystals. There are also a large variety of stones and crystals in the store. You can also get personal ornaments made by your own desire.

Eat and drink well in Kristianopel

In Kristianopel you can eat really well and here you can find everything from light meals to a full evening dinner.

Great stay in Kristianopel

In Kristianopel there are good accommodation for all - charming and idyllic guesthouse, popular and modern camping, quaint B & B, fresh and cozy cottages, plus a popular and cozy marina.

Usefull links

Kristianopel's congregation
Arranging children's activities and various musical events during the summer.

Pama Studios
Music studio in the old mission house in Kristianopel, where Swedish and international artists together with Pama Studios create music..

Kustvägen Sydost
Kristianopel är ett av många guldkorn längs Kustvägen sydost, som går mellan Kristianopel och Torhamn längs Karlskronas östkust.

Offers guided tours in Kristianopel.

The Southeast Coastal Road
Kristianopel is one of the many pearls along the southeast coast road, which runs between Kristianopel and Torhamn along Karlskrona's east coast.

 Temavandringar (Theme walks) offer exciting and interesting guided walks in the areas around Kristianopel..

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Filmbild från Kristianopel

A film about Kristianopel

Street life, good food and hospitality. But also peace, quiet and time for the soul. A short film in Swedish from beautiful Kristianopel.