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Shopping. In the middle of the archipelago.

In the middle of the archipelago, you will find three shopping malls, designer shops, delicatessens, art galleries and market stalls. Many shops are to be found along and around the two streets of Ronnebygatan and Borgmästargatan. Don't forget to visit the side streets, here you will find several unique shops with "that little extra." There are over 200 shops in Karlskrona and the assortment is varied, with everything from well-known brands and chains to unique, local shops offering a hand-picked selection of goods.

Opening Hours stores

Monday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm,
Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm.
Sunday: 12 - 4 pm. Åhléns and Kjell & Company

Department stores and supermarkets have longer opening hours and are open on Sundays.

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Market on the Great Square

In Karlskrona there is a thriving market trading on the Great Square in the center, mainly on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The market trade in Karlskrona has a long tradition and is a popular and appreciated way to shop locally produced flowers, berries, eggs, fruit and vegetables among others. Weekdays and Saturdays: 8 am - 3 pm. (Approx times, which may vary.)


The easiest way to park in the center of Karlskrona is with one of the apps: Easy ParkParkster or ePARK.

You can also solve parking in parking meters around the city center.

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Shopping i Karlskrona city

Unique shops in Karlskrona city

Are you looking for something new for you, for the home or a nice gift? Or maybe you just need to find the inspiration? Pay a visit to one or more of Karlskrona's cozy and personal stores. Unique stores include independent and privately owned stores as well as service companies with a store component.

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Shoppande tjejer

The Fashion House Kronan

Kronan is Karlskrona's freshest mall in the middle of the city with around 20 shops and restaurants. Offers a large selection of fashion and details that make you nice for everyday, leisure and party.

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Wachtmeister skylt

Wachtmeister Galleria

Wachtmeister Galleria is Karlskrona's largest mall, where you can shop in about 30 stores. There's even a hotel inside the mall!

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Amiralen flaggor

Amiralen Mall

Amiralen Mall offers shopping for the whole family. Get expert tips. Shop everyday clothing or festive. At the Amiralen Mall you will find everything you need!

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Shopping i Karlskrona city

Karlskrona City - city center association

In Karlskrona city there are a number of shops and the range is varied with everything from well-known brands and chains to unique, local shops with hand-picked selection. Karlskrona City is Karlskrona's city center association with the aim of strengthening Karlskrona as a lively, tasteful and attractive shopping centre, characterized by diversity, accessibility, quality and service - in the middle of the world heritage.

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Shopping outside the centre

There are further shopping facilities outside the centre.

Several major commercial districts, e.g. Amiralen and Slottsbacken, offer shops for the entire family. Restaurants, chemist’s shops, furniture stores, home furnishing, electronics chains and banks are also to be found here.


Farm shops, design, crafts, antiques and second hand

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