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World class fishing

In Karlskrona's beautiful archipelago, you will find a very interesting fishing, primarily for pike.
That's why Karlskrona's archipelago is called "The Pike Kingdom".

With boat you will easily reach the best fishing grounds. But fishing can also be conducted from all the islands around the beautiful archipelago of Karlskrona. Fishing occurs by all islands and bays in Karlskrona. You will find both shallow bays and deep rock formations. Learn more about our fishes and fishing below.

In the open sea outside the archipelago, salmon and cod are fished, and rough sea trout live around the islands' and the mainland's headlands. Of course, Karlskrona's rivers, which open into the sea, are good fishing spots for salmon-like fish, and in the lakes within the coast you will find everything from pikeperch, pike, perch and whitefish. Some lakes are well managed put- and take waters where you can fish for high quality rainbow salmon.


Sport fishing camp - Sandhamn Marine

Fishing in southern Sweden!

Sport fishing camp - Camp Dragsö Sportfishing

Sport fishing camp - Camp Dragsö Sportfishing

Camp Dragsö Sport Fishing is a fishing camp specializes in fishing for pike and is located in the

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Pike fishing

The pike is a voracious predator that eats most things coming its way.

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Trolling for salmon

Karlskrona has risen like a rocket in trolling for salmon.

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Perch fishing

In the Karlskrona archipelago, there are good chances of catching many perch.

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Put & Takefiske

In Karlskrona's waters, there is a great chance of catching fine rainbow trout, often in good size.

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Catch & Release

In order to maintain strong fish stocks in the long term, it is of great importance to carry out so-called catch-and-release fishing.

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Lindvallska sjön - Lake

Lindvallska sjön - Lake

Fish in the Lindvallska lake, only 15 minutes from Karlskrona centre.

Biskopsberg Put and Take

Put and Take - Biskopsberg

Biskopsberg's fishing camp.

Fishing and boat rental - Nävrasjön

Fishing and boat rental - Nävrasjön

Welcome to the regional fishing-association of Nävrasjön. Which is responsable för fishing and


Bra att veta - Fiskeregler och allemansrätt

Läs mer om fiskeregler och allemansrätten