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Put & Takefiske

Rainbow trout - the most common fish in Karlskrona's Put & Take lakes.

In Blekinge you will find rainbow trout along the coast, escapes from cash crops, and at one of the many "put and take" waters that the county offers. In Karlskrona municipality, there are opportunities for short fishing at Lindwallska lake and Biskopsbergs Fiskecamp.

How to catch rainbow trout:
When coastal fishing, you can fish for rainbow trout as you fish for sea trout, and in areas where there are a lot of "escapes", they are sometimes very easy to catch. Rainbow trout like to hike in flowing water and is a fairly common feature at the trout premieres in the spring in our flowing waters. Among other things, the Ronneby River has been a well-known rainbow trout water before when the number of cash crops was large outside Ronneby harbor.

In "put and take water" where rainbow trout is implanted, it is fished with advantage with small wobblers and spoon pulls that also work on trout, as well as spinners can be really effective. Even jig fishing where the jig can bounce on the bottom is usually a viable fishery for rainbow trout. If you fish with a fly, the rainbow is a grateful fish as it is usually not so picky or selective, but takes on most imitations that are offered. Slightly larger flies such as Montana and Streaking Caddis are usually safe cards, and in many waters larger flies in strong colors work very well.

Man med fiskespö

Later in the summer, when the water temperature has risen and reached bathing temperature, rainbow trout seek their way down to deeper and thus colder water and are most easily caught when you manage to bring the bait down deeply. During this period, it is safest to encounter rainbow trout at the surface during the late evening and early morning when it can take a trip up to shallower regions in its search for food. If you want to succeed well with your rainbow trout fishing, you should spend some time studying the fishing water before you start your fishing. the rainbow trout often has a line that it patrols and makes its foraging in, and if you find this line, you will come into contact with the rainbow trout more quickly and can then fish more directly and with a greater chance of being chopped. It is important to keep in mind that rainbow trout is a very strong fighter in its size and you should adapt your equipment accordingly so you do not lose both fish, bait and mood!

Not to be forgotten is the winter fishing for rainbow trout. The rainbow trout is an underrated fish to fish in Blekinge during the winter. In the northern parts of the country, angling for rainbow trout is as large as summer fishing, and is also more of a family event as accessibility and fishing are "easier". What is needed (in addition to fishing water and thick enough ice) is an ice drill, fishing rod and bait. The bait usually consists of some form of glitter / pier, and something that has gained great popularity in recent years is a so-called "blink pier" which consists of an LED in varying colors and which flashes in contact with water. With the help of the rainbow trout's curiosity, blinkpirken is an effective bait for angling (also for other species). As for bait, everything works from maggot, to shrimp and artificial baits such as Powerbait etc.

Text: Tony Forsberg