Travel - To and from Karlskrona

Have you already seen the big world? Then you are welcome to Karlskrona's little one! Come in the way that suits you best!


To and from Karlskrona

From Copenhagen: By car 3 hours or by train 3h 30 min.
From Malmö: By car 2 h 30 min or by train 2 h 45 min.
From Stockholm: By air 55 minutes (Ronneby Airport).
From Ronneby Airport: Shuttle bus/taxi 30 minutes.
From Gothenborg: By car 4 hours or by train 4,5 hours.
From Gdynia: By ferry (Stena Line) 10 hours

By car:
From the E22 you easily enter  Karlskrona's city center, where you will find information signs for camping, the Naval museum and parking spaces. In Karlskrona's many parking garages, there are usually vacant places.

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