The best activities and places to visit for children in Karlskrona

Karlskrona is just the right destination for families with curious and active children. Here are activities and places to visit for children of all ages - visit, for example, Barnens Gård, Marinmuseum, Wämöparken, Funplays, Boda Borg, Blekinge Museum and Dragsö Camping.

Spend your days in the archipelago playing on the beach, visiting exciting historical sites, playgrounds or a fun water park. Here we list our best tips on things to do with the children in Karlskrona.

Karlskrona is the perfect destination for a family holiday.

Familj som åter vattenrutchkana

Barnens Gård

A day at the Children's Farm (Barnens Gård) is a day filled with fun mischief and play. Open 1st June - 1st September 2024.

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Dragsö campings minigolfbana

Dragsö Camping

On Dragsö there is so much fun for the kids to do! Mini golf course with world heritage theme, snorkeling trail, water playground, lovely sandy beach, billiard golf, sauna raft, fun playground, troll trail AND then you can spend the night here! Rent a cozy cottage or bring your own tent, motorhome or caravan.

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Marinmuseums galjonshall med tre besökare

The Naval Museum

Karlskrona's main tourist destination and one of southern Sweden's most popular tourist destinations. Exciting, fun and educational for the whole family. Do not miss Dunder's deck, which is a place full of challenges and play opportunities.

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Barn som springer framför grevargården

Blekinge Museum

Blekinge museum offers historical experiences for the whole family! The playground Grevagrundet, with archipelago theme, is one of the city's most popular playgrounds.

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Bollspelsgolf - The new ballgame

Bollspelsgolf - The new ballgame

Bring ballgames to a new dimension! Challenge your friends, colleagues or your family!

Funplays - Familiy Activity Centre

Funplays - Familiy Activity Centre

Funplays - Familiy Activity Centre is an indoor play area with a jungle theme! Here, all children



Welcome to Karlskronas adventure centre, with lots of fun for the whole family.



A great park for an outing with the family, just outside the city. Enjoy the great nature, café,

Boda Borg

Boda Borg

Boda Borg is an adventure for your mind, your physique, your creativity but above all for your team!


Archipelago boat tours!

Experience Karlskrona's beautiful archipelago and biosphere reserve by boarding one of the many archipelago boats that run in Karlskrona's waters.

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Glada barn i vattenland

A holiday week for families in Karlskrona

An article by Åsa Roos, owner of Barnens Gård and Bollspelsgolf

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Barn som äter glass på bryggan

Tips on free activities for kids

In Karlskrona, there are plenty of fun things to do with the children!

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Hoppande familj på stranden

Fun for kids - Karlskrona

The fun for kids Karlskrona card gives you a comprehensive range of discounted and advantageous family activities. This makes it easy to plan your Karlskrona visit and smooth once you are here.

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Eli's adventure in the world heritage site - Karlskrona

Eli's adventure

Join Eli on a journey of discovery through the world heritage city of Karlskrona! The craft book can be picked up for free at Karlskrona Tourist Center or downloaded via the link below.

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