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Karlskronas officiella besöksguide för 2021

Karlskronas officiella besöksguide 2021.

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Visit Karlskrona officiell guide 2023


Karlskrona's official visitor guide 2023

The visitor guide is available in various places throughout the municipality. You can read it digitally right now here.

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A3 centrumkarta 2023


Visit Karlskrona - city and municipality map

Orient yourself easily among Karlskrona's sights with this city map. 
(According to copyright, the map may not be printed or used in any way that may be considered commercial.)

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Framsida på broschyren Örlogsstaden Karlskrona


The Naval City of Karlskrona -

An active and vibrant World Heritage Site.
The Naval City of Karlskrona was designated a World Heritage Site in December 1998 and is one of the 15 listed Sites in Sweden.

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Cykelkarta 2022


Bike map 

Bike map over Karlskrona municipality, available at Karlskrona Tourist Center. 

Digital bike map over Karlskrona municipality




ARK56 kartbild


Map - ARK56

Winding gravel roads, quiet coves, deserted islands and open sea - ARK56 takes you through the Blekinge archipelago, along and on its waters. You choose if you want to experience nature and culture on foot, by bike, in a kayak or by boat. 13 hubs connect the joints and offer food, accommodation and experiences. At the hub, you can often change modes of transport - hop on the archipelago traffic, rent a bike or kayak or lace up your boots and continue hiking.

Map ARK56 Blekinge - pdf

ARK56 kartbild trossö


Maps - ARK56  Karlskrona's archipelago

Here you will find maps that you can download to pdfs over Trossö, Senoren, Sandhamn, Kristianopel, Sandhamn, Torhamn, Bredavik, Garpahamnen and Lökanabben.

Download maps from ARK56 here

Cykelkarta över tre öar
Framsida av broschyren Bo, Äta, Göra längs ARK56


Bo, Äta, Göra längs ARK56

Förteckning över service och företag längs ARK56.

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Elis pysselbok


Elis Adventurs - Craft book

Eli takes you on an adventure journey through Karlskrona's exciting stories. Solve Eli's tricky puzzles and learn more about the World Heritage City.

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Drottningskär kastell, Aspö


Code of conduct - Karlskrona

The World Heritage site, The Naval City of Karlskrona, was designated in 1998 by the UN agency UNESCO. The Karlskrona archipelago is part of the biosphere area Blekinge Archipelago, which was designated by UNESCO in 2011 for its high and unique natural and cultural values. Enjoy our unique places, show respect take responsibility, to preserve the world heritage and biosphere area for future generations.

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World heritage brochure


The World Heritage City of Karlskrona

The Naval City of Karlskrona World Heritage was designated a World Heritage Site in 1998 by the UN agency UNESCO. Take part of the information in the brochure and learn more about the city. Available in Swedish and English.

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