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Karlskronas officiella besöksguide för 2021

Karlskronas officiella besöksguide 2021.

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Framsida Karlskronas besöksguide 2021

Karlskrona's official visitor guide 2021

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Visit Karlskrona - city and municipality map

Orient yourself easily among Karlskrona's sights with this city map. 
(According to copyright, the map may not be printed or used in any way that may be considered commercial.)

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Bike map 

Bike map over Karlskrona municipality, available at Karlskrona Tourist Center. 

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Framsida på broschyren Örlogsstaden Karlskrona


The Naval City of Karlskrona -

An active and vibrant World Heritage Site.
The Naval City of Karlskrona was designated a World Heritage Site in December 1998 and is one of the 15 listed Sites in Sweden.

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