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Tips on free children's activities in Karlskrona!

  • The Naval Museum - Free entrance for children under the age of 18! The museum tells the Swedish Navy's exciting history. Karlskrona's most visited attraction! Boats, figureheads, models, sub-marines, all of which tell of the Swedish Navy's exciting story from empire to today. Don't forget to visit the unique Submarine Hall - Two submarines in one spectacular building. 
  • Wämöparken - Lovely park with lots to do. A funny and different playground. Bring your own snacks, tables available and areas for your own picnic blanket! Restrooms are available. Large fenced dog park for our four-legged friends. Cosy café.
  • Grevagrundet at Blekinge Museum's backyard - fun theme playground for the kids. Cook in the small playhouse, go fishing from the boat or the jetty! Take care of the horse in the stable and take a ride in the horse carriage! The playground triggers a child's imagination! Toilet available at the museum. Benches and grassy area where you can sit, refreshments available. Great baroque garden to discover.
  • Blekinge Museum - at the museum you will always find something that is fun! Go on your own journey of discovery in the museum's exhibits. Here and there in the museum you will find blue boxes where there are different problems to solve. You can also get clever picture riddles and questions in the reception and then look for the answers in the exhibitions.

  • Discover nature - Pack your backpack and head off on an expedition to one of the trails in Karlskrona Municipality. Short or long, you choose! On Tjurkö at Hägnans camping, there is a short path (a good choice for smaller children), finish off with a swim at the beach. The area around the lakes Mörtsjöåsen and Alljungen is exciting areas to explore. Barbecue areas are found along the trails. Blekingeleden (the Blekinge trail), is suitable for the older children, with parents of course!
  • Take a dip! - In Karlskrona you find lot´s of  child-friendly beaches. Fine small beaches without currents. At Stumholmen there is a diving tower and Rollof's head to explore, just next to the beach. At Gisslevik (Torhamn), you find shallow waters, perfect for small kids. Read more about beaches and the archipelago here 


  • Go fishing! - Get a fishing rod or simply use your hands and bring a bucket. Set out to an island or make a stop somewhere along the coast. Off with the shoes and enjoy life! Shake seaweed and marvel at the marine life that you will discover! A good thing is that there are no dangerous jellyfish or sharks in the Baltic Sea to worry about!
  • Take a hike around Askunga Dovvilt's deer enclosure - Enjoy the beautiful animals and the beautiful scenary.
  • Walk on the old city wall in Kristianopel -  You better hold hands with an adult while walking here! Exciting environment and a nice beach is to be found in the charming village, Kristianopel. Sit on the cannons in the harbor and look out for ships!
  • Count the trolls - Head out to Dragsö island and walk the troll path! Very exciting and fun for the whole family. Keep an eye out in the bushes and keep track of the trolls. During the winter season the trolls hibernate.
  • Lyckå Castle ruins - Climb and play. Make a treasure- map and hide a treasure for the kids. A nice stone or any other glittering jewels!
  • Aspö ferry - Take the free ferry to the island. Walk to Drottningskär Citadel and explore it. Visiting Aspö by bicycle is recommended. Cycle along nice small roads, lined with lilacs in the spring, and discover cozy bathing coves.
  • Högasands Nature Reserve - Exotic sandy-area where "myrlejonen" (Antlions) live! Digging in the sand running openly, jump and play. (In winter there is less good sledding slopes).
  • Explore historic sites - Blekinge's best preserved petroglyphs, Horshallarna petroglyph in Torhamn. The runestone on Sturkö Skällenäs (nice to swim in the nature reserve). Hjortahammar burial on the way to the island Hasslö.
  • Playgrounds in Karlskrona - There is a wide selection of fun playgrounds in and around Karlskrona. We can recommend among others the Admiralty Park, Maria Farm playground in Lyckeby, Spandelstorp's playground, Chapman Plan's playground, Hoghland Park's playground and many, many more.
  • In the winter - ice skating, (however, be careful with thin ice and always bring safety equipment with you) sledding and many fine ski trails. Make a visit at Alljungen where there are great slopes, hiking trails and a heated cabin.


Blekinge Museum

Blekinge Museum

Regional Museum in Blekinge - there are exhibitions about the county's history, Blekinge coastal



A great park for an outing with the family, just outside the city. Enjoy the great nature, café,

The Royal Church of the Admiralty - Ulrica Pia

The Royal Church of the Admiralty - Ulrica

The Royal Church of the Admiralty, Ulrica Pia, dates from 1685 and is one of the largest wooden

Flygbild över Marinmuseum och Stumholmen

The Naval Museum

Karlskrona's main attraction! This is one of southern Sweden's most popular tourist destinations. Exciting, fun and educational for the whole family.

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