Möckleryds rock carvings - Horsahallen

Möckleryds rock carvings - Horsahallen

In Torhamn lies Blekinge's largest rock carving. Hästhallen or Horsahallen as it is also called, can be found in Möckleryd.

Hästhallen (Horsahallen) is with its 140 figures Blekinge's largest rock carving with over 80 ship pictures of a characteristic characteristic of the place.

The rock carvings were added during the Bronze Age (1,500 - 500 BC). Their religious-magical meaning is now considered certain and like all magical art they are difficult to interpret. However, some figures probably testify to fertility cult.

The Horse Hall (Horsahallen) is located in a village, which is mainly characterized by Bronze Age antiquities, including several other rock carving rooms. The nearest are in Svanhalla located northeast of the place and Fürtska Rock located north of the place.