Museum of Mobile Coastal Artillery

Museum of Mobile Coastal Artillery

On the scenic island Aspö in Karlskrona archipelago lies "Museum of M Coastal Artillery" which showcases a unique collection of the mobile coastal artillery dressings from the late 19th century to the year 2000.

The museum collection includes much of the equipment used by the mobile coastal artillery units. Here you can see the guns, missiles, vehicles, air defense, fire control and communications equipment, uniforms and more. The museum includes parts on the history of Karlskrona Kustartilleriregemente (Coastal Artillery Regiment, KA2). Much of the equipment is grouped and partially camouflaged. In 2005, a public enquiry found the collection so unique that it may not be split up.

Make a visit now, get an extraordinary experience, unique military history that is packaged in a nice atmosphere and environment while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful archipelago of Karlskrona.

For more information, opening hours, entrance fees, see webpage, link below.

The museum has a "café corner" with coffee, ice cream, cold drinks etc.