Skärgårdskraft - art and craft at Tjurkö

Skärgårdskraft - art and craft at Tjurkö

Coffee serving, stone carving exhibition, audio walk

The main building from the time era of stone masonry industry, was built in 1878. The house was built due to meet the daily needs of the growing stone community.

-Exhibitions from the art and craft association:
In the main building there are eight rooms where art and crafts are displayed. In some of the rooms, environments are built using furniture from the antique shop (Rödeby Antik) while other rooms serve as a gallery. There are different furniture, art and crafts from year to year that make the different rooms change all the time, no season is the same.
Everything that is labeled in the exhibition is also for sale.

-Second floor
On the second floor there are guest exhibitors and Karlskrona porcelain and antiques and curiosities are displayed.

- The old-fashioned shop (Handelsboden)
In the well-preserved old-fashioned shop, visitors can buy ice cream, caramels, honey and postcards. There are also a lot of goods with a sense from the time when the trade was in operation at the stonemansonry.

After a round trip both inside and out, it may taste good with coffee and homemade cakes. One can choose to sit outside or inside.

- The Stonemasonry
In the main building there is an exhibition, a model from the stonemansonry time era at Herrgårdsviken, as it appeared during its glory days. Visitors can also go for a walk through the area. Ask the staff for help if needed.

For opening hours see the website in the link below.
Map of the area can also be found in the link below.