Information material is available and a number of hand sanitizing stations have been placed in strategic locations throughout the city. 
Let's continue to take responsibility and take care of each other - More information on how we can best do this can be found on the National Health and Safety website

Go by boat to Hasslö

Take the boat to Hasslö! On the island there are both cottages and hostels for those who want to stay over.
The restaurant Sjöboden is situated in the harbor Garpahamnen, there is also a vineyard on the island.

Board the boat  M / S Flaggskär at Handelshamnen, next to the yellow ferry to Aspö, in Karlskrona. Approximately 20 minutes later you´ll arrive at Horn on the island Hasslö. If you would like to stay overnight, there is both a hostel "Strandvilan", a holiday village with cottages at Garpahamnen (boat harbor), a small camping ground and parkingareas  for motorhomes.

At Hasslö, it is walking distance to most things, if you are comfortable walking a couple of kilometers. You can also bring your own bike on the archipelago boat. You can find more options for bike rental at The grocery store a bit up on the island sells most of what is needed for a stay in the archipelago. Explore the small roads that connects the villages on the island. If you want to cycle further, you cross the Hasslö bridge, which in itself is an experience as it is opens regularly to let sailboats through. When the bridge is crossed, you will come to Almö, which offers several interesting hiking trails in beautiful nature areas. Carlskrona golf club is situated here, if you get the urge for a round of golf on the fantastic archipelago course, lunch and coffee are served daily at the golf club's restaurant. Enjoy something cool to drink on the beautiful terrace with sea view.  Well deserved after a few kilometers on the bike!

Eager to explore more? Continue to Tromtö nature reserve, which consists of the Tromtö peninsula, which used to be part of a manor landscape. Park your bike and explore the Tromtö nature reserve on foot, enjoy oak groves, beech forests and mighty pasture trees. Stop for a dip at the bathing spot at Tromtö Navigationssällskap or from a cliff along the hike. So do not forget the swimwear on your excursion, wonderful swimming opportunities are behind every corner!

Back at Hasslö, maybe it's nice to sit down and eat at a set table. Hasslö Sjöbod, is located with a wonderful sea view. An other alternative is to bringing your own barbecue picnic and spend the evening on the beach at the Sandvik swimming area. If you have some strength left, there are two volleyball courts right by the beach.

Other activities on the island! Stora Horn's winery is open for viewing and tasting on certain days during the summer. Feel free to contact them and pre-register your visit.

Accommodation on Hasslö

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