Allan's on Ytterön

Allan's on Ytterön

Allans on Ytterön is a new landmark and a unique place in the middle of Blekinge's beautiful archipelago.

At Allans on Ytterön, several different unique forms of accommodation are offered. From independent double rooms with toilet and shower in hidden forest glades, to whole houses in large and small formats with their own kitchen, toilet and shower. Why not rent the entire "Big House" with five double rooms and plenty of social areas for Christmas, Midsummer, celebrations and parties.

Maximum number of beds for overnight stays on the entire farm is approx. 25 people depending on the number of adults and children. Applies to share in double room.
If a single room is requested, the maximum number is approx. 11 people.

Read more about the different forms of accommodation via the website, link below.

Come by boat, bus or car. The sauna boat is already waiting at the jetty.