Guided tour - All that never came to be

Guided tour - All that never came to be

A very peculiar city tour. Likely the only city tour in the world that is about something that doesn't exist - but should have existed.

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It is a myth that Karlskrona was planned as the new capital in the 17th century. However, the construction of the city of Karlskrona is probably the most grandiose and expensive project ever undertaken by Sweden. The city was intended to manifest the beauty, strength, and prowess of the Great Power Sweden. Just taste the name 'Karlskrona' – it couldn't sound more confident. Grandiose building plans have always existed, even into our time. Many have been realized and can be visited today, while others either remained at the drawing board stage or only reached partial completion before disappearing.

This is the city tour about what should have existed but doesn't.

Date: 25/7
Time: 18:00 - 19:30
Place: Kungsbron, Bastion Aurora

The tickets are sold at Karlskrona tourist center and online via, see the booking link down below.