Bicycle package - Coastal tour

Bicycle package - Coastal tour

Experience a nice mix of coastal scenery and history in this cycling package which includes 4 nights accommodation.

Day 1. Arrival in Karlskrona. During the afternoon/evening, you take the road ferry to Aspö, where you spend the night in the former pilot tower. Before that, you should visit Drottningskär Citadel, which was built when Karlskrona was founded in the 17th century.

Before the transfer to Aspö, take the opportunity to look around the "city in the sea" as Karlskrona is also called.

Day 2. Today the archipelago boat goes towards Tjurkö, and you cycle across the islands of Sturkö and Senoren. Between the beautiful views you will find, among other things, nice farm shops, and you can view stonecutter environments and old forts from the First World War. Overnight on one of the islands. Length: 10-20 km.

Day 3. The journey continues towards Kristianopel, which in the 17th century was Denmark's most south-eastern outpost. Nowadays a picturesque little village with sumptuous gardens, a beautiful guest harbor and a lovely atmosphere during the summer. Overnight at "guest house" in the middle of the village. Length: 30-40 km.

Day 4. From Christianopel, the route now goes a little further into the country, mostly on small village roads past small farms and pastures towards Lyckeby, where you sleep this night. Length: 40 km.

Day 5. From Lyckeby you cycle again towards Karlskrona, and on the way you might stop at the pleasant village park on Vämö before the journey home. Length: 7 km.