Bike package - World Heritage Tour

Bike package - World Heritage Tour

On this tour you get to experience archipelago nature and magnificent world heritage experiences. The day stages are laid out at 10-15 km, but there are always alternative routes.

Layout of the package tour:
Day 1. You arrive in Karlskrona and take the archipelago boat M/F Axel to Nättraby, a boat trip of about 40 minutes. You disembark at the small church, which was built back in the 12th century, with much of the interior from the 17th century. You cycle through the small community towards Sjuhalla and Skärva. Skärva herrgård was built as a country residence for the shipyard admiral by Chapman. The main building has a very peculiar building style, and is surrounded by an English park. The manor is part of the world heritage environment, and you spend your first night in one of the buildings on the grounds

Day 2. Today you choose whether you want to cycle or take the boat to Karlskrona. In the afternoon you go with the guided tour to Kungsholm's fort, which together with Drottningskär's castle on Aspö, was built as an effective defense of the entrance to Karlskrona. During the tour, the exciting park is also visited, which houses plants from all over the world. It was customary for the sailors on the navy's long-distance ships to bring a rare plant and plant it here. You are back in town in the evening and sleep in a hotel in the center.

Day 3. You take a tour of your choice to Aspö, which is reached by road ferry and is a very nice cycling island. Here there are several excellent rounds, a military museum and of course Drottningskär's castle, which you must not miss. You sleep in the former pilot tower.

Day 4. Depending on how much time you want to spend in Karlskrona this day, you will get suggestions for nice cycling routes in the vicinity of the city.

The day stages are laid out at 10-15 km, but there are always alternative routes if you discover a little more.