Boda Booooo!

Boda Booooo!

Suddenly no one is safe anymore. For a few days, the game plan changes. One week every year filled Boda Borg House of ghosts and ghouls. They hide where you least expect it and have fun scaring the guests out of their minds. The result is a completely unique Halloween experience and the guests love it!

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Ghost-free in the mornings and sickly scary in the afternoons and nights ...

Also this year, you run an increased number of passes, reduced number of places / passes and that you continue to have admission at 15-minute intervals, to avoid queues, so take the opportunity to book now to secure your place for this year's Boda Booooo!

So now the only question is, DARE YOU COME?

During Boda Booooo this year, the days are divided into three sessions and your entrance ticket is valid for one session.