Exhibition - Gallery Lilla Holm

Exhibition - Gallery Lilla Holm

Gallery in Lilla Holm with artistic painting, textile art, glass art, and glass-silver smithing, felting, and recycled art.

Welcome to the Sloop and Barge Shed, Bastionsgatan 3 at the Naval Museum where
Gallery Lilla Holm, along with several artists, display their works.

The students of "Svettpärlan" independent school are creating their own art and will sell these in the gallery.
Ukrainian artists will also sell art in the gallery. The proceeds from the art sales will be donated in full to Ukraine.

Open during the summer season.
Contact Helen Göransson for more information!

Jan Abramsson, Oil and watercolor paintings with archipelago motifs and wooden boats, postcards
Anna Åström, Watercolors, jewelry, and poetry book
Gunilla Mann, Oil and print paintings
Camilla Arvidsson, Paintings and glass art
Monica Sandell, Sculptures in bronze and ceramics
Anna Hörjel, Paintings
Inga Johansson, Paintings
Håkan Karlsson, Watercolor paintings
Ingvar Dahlbom, Watercolors
Linda Bengtsson, Ceramics and utility items
Bengt Johansson, Blekinge oak in various sizes, wooden items
Marat Umraker, Needle-felted birds
Kirsten Kotake, Bronze Age jewelry in silver/gold
Britt-Marie Samuelsson, Woodturning
Eva Robért, Recycled art & Home decor
Kent Nilsson, Bird photography art
Helena Nilsson, Recycled art