Kristianopel - a hidden gem

Information on food, accommodation, activities, attractions in Kristianopel you will find further down on this page.

Kristianopel, Karlskrona

Welcome to Kristianopel!

The harbour in Kristianopel, Karlskrona
Butiken Sköna Ting i Kristianopel, Karlskrona
Harbour in Kristianopel, Karlskrona
Kristianopel, Karlskrona
Café Sött & Salt in Kristianopel, Karlskrona
Kristianopel, Karlskrona
Kristianopel, Karlskrona
Kristianopel, Karlskrona
Kristianopel, Karlskrona



Kristianopel, which is one of the most sun safest places in Sweden, is a true hideaway!

There are small shops, restaurants and a popular cafe. Accommodation is at the campsite, in the harbor, in cabins or at a Bed & Breakfast. 

To stroll around among the small wooden houses, where the roses are heavy in the gardens, is the best way to experience Kristianopel. Feel the scents of roses and the sea. Sit down on a bench in the harbor and look out over the water where you can imagine Öland's southern point in the horizon.

If you want to see the village a bit from above, you can walk around parts of the village on the mighty, old city wall. The view is fantastic!

Fun for kids

In Kristianopel there is always something fun to do for the kids!
- Walk on the Great Wall! So exciting, but here you have to hold an adult by the hand!
- Fun treasure hunts are being held during the summer.
- Exciting environments that spurs the imagination.
- Play minature golf at the camping site.
- Lovely shallow swimming area, with a large lawn area for play.
- Sit on the canons of the cozy harbour and scout out after ships on the big blue!
- Just north of Kristianopel is Höga Sands (High Sand's) nature reserve, where there is an exotic sandy area where the antlions live! Dig in the sand, running freely, jump and play. Slide down the sandy hills! In the winter there are many good sledding hills.

Good to know - Kristianopel

Public toilets are in the harbour behind the service building.
Free parking in designated places.
The grocery shop in Kristianopel provides pharmacy services. Pharmacies are in Torsås, Kalmar and Karlskrona.
Free WiFi is available at Café Sött & Salt and the grocery shop.
Transport from Fågelmara - coastal bus line 500, Blekingetrafiken.