Ungskär gästhamn

Guest Harbour Ungskär

Nice marina on the island Ungskär in Karlskrona's eastern archipelago.

The island has a sheltered harbour with the village clustered around it. Ungskär is low and grassy and from a distance the cottages appear to be floating on the sea! The popular guest harbour attracts boating visitors to the island. Pleasant footpath leads across the island and to the island Ljungskär.
Map sheets of the island can be obtained from the arrivals building at
the harbour.
56.03 N 15:48 E (Chart 819 SW, 821 SE).
Guest boat places, with access to electricity is at the south pier. Drinking water can be collected from the tap by the launching ramp. Toilets and garbage bins is located at the south jetty.
In the harbour, there is also a launching ramp, owned and operated by Karlskrona municipality.

Approaches; you go right up to the West brand south of the port and from there straight to the harbor entrance.
Harbour depth: 1.8 to 2 m
Mooring: Long, anchor