Guidade tour - Mats Holmer

Guidade tour - Mats Holmer

Certified World Heritage and Blekinge Guide, museum guide at the Naval Museum and Blekinge Museum.
Contact Mats to book tours through his guide company.

Mats has extensive knowledge of the World Heritage City of Karlskrona, its surroundings and the Swedish Navy. As a retired naval officer, he has a lot to share from now and then.

His specialities are the naval base with the Old Dockyard, Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, rope-making and more. Guided tours of Kungsholmen, Drottningskär, Skärva Utklippan, Tjurkö stone masonry can also be ordered. Entry to the military parts must be ordered through the tourist office.

Mats also has guided tours about the U 137 incident as well as a lot of other lectures.

Offer guided tours in Swedish and English.