Guided Tour - Historical Walk in Kristianopel

Guided Tour - Historical Walk in Kristianopel

Today, Kristianopel is a picturesque idyll with beautiful wooden houses and lush rose gardens. In this small village, which is said to have only forty permanent residents, there are still restaurants, cafes, and shops – because every year over 300,000 visitors come here to enjoy the environment. Join the Culture Company on an exciting guided tour around Kristianopel.

The old Danish church from the 17th century bears witness to the fact that this place has a different and very interesting history. So does the more than 2.5 kilometers long and sturdy fortification wall that surrounds Kristianopel today. Join Kulturkompaniet on a walk four hundred years back in time. Listen to the story of the 17th-century city that was once the pride of the Danish king and a defense against Sweden.

Meeting Point: At the church in Kristianopel
Language: Swedish
Location: Kristianopel
Price: 200 SEK
Duration: 1 h 15 min

Tickets are sold at the Karlskrona Tourist Center and online via, see the booking link below.

More information about tickets will be available shortly.