Guided tour - Karlskrona Porcelain Museum

Guided tour - Karlskrona Porcelain Museum

Karlskrona Porcelain Museum, more than just porcelain. Join a guided tour in the part of the old porcelain factory that is today a museum.

The factory's 50-year history, 1918-1968, is told. You get to follow the development from coffee cups with a gold edge to the happy design language of the 1950s and 60s. Well-known designers who have worked here are Edwald Hald, Arthur Percy, Alf Jarnestad and others.

In the collection there are about 1000 objects that are displayed on 650 sqm of exhibition space. There are also objects that tell about the manufacturing process itself and also show other things from the Upsala-Ekeby group, where Karlskrona Porcelain Factory was included from 1942.

The museum also has an art collection with local artists and artists related to porcelain production.

Coffee or something else can be arranged upon request.

For more information, bookings and prices contact the museum, see below.