Guided tour - Kungsholms Fortress

Guided tour - Kungsholms Fortress

Together with Drottningskär on Aspö, Kungsholms Fort has guarded the entrance to Karlskrona for more than 300 years.

Kungsholm Fortress is still in use as part of the Swedish defense. The unique circular harbor has become somewhat of a symbol of Karlskrona's status as a World Heritage Site. Exotic plants from all corners of the world thrive within the protective walls of the fortress, brought here for long periods by the navy's long-haul ships. The island also houses a museum reflecting the history of the fortress.

NOTE! Tickets are only available at the Karlskrona Tourist Center, on-site, by phone, or email. There is a limited number of spots available for this tour, so pre-booking is required, no later than 5:00 PM, 2 weekdays before the tour.

When booking, the full name and personal identification number of Scandinavian visitors are required. Passport numbers for foreign visitors, as well as nationality, must be provided by all participants. Participants over 18 years of age must bring valid identification on the tour, as Kungsholm Fortress is a military protected area.

June 15th - June 16th at 09:50-14:00 M/F Gåsefjärden
June 24th - July 21st: Daily at 09:50-14:15 & 15:05-19:30 M/F Ljungskär
August 3rd - August 18th: Saturdays & Sundays at 09:50-14:15 & 15:05-19:30 M/F Gåsefjärden
August 31st: 09:50-14:00 M/F Gåsefjärden
September 1st: 10:00-12:55 M/F Gåsefjärden
September 7-8, 14-15, 28-29: 10:00-12:55 M/F Gåsefjärden

Adult - 320 SEK
Youth 7-19 years - 150 SEK
Children 0-6 years - 20 SEK

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on this tour! There is no opportunity to purchase food or snacks on the island, so it is recommended to bring a packed meal.