Guided tour - Oscarsvärn

Guided tour - Oscarsvärn

All of Karlskrona's defense facilities against the sea are well known. But what about defense against the land?

At the entrance road to the city, right by the Sunna Canal, lies an impressive defensive structure with a 300-year history of fortifications. The oldest defensive structure on the site dates back to 1709, but there has been military activity here until the 1970s. We'll explain what's what, where it's from, and how it was intended to function. The terrain conditions here are somewhat rugged, so we recommend visitors to wear sturdy footwear.

Meeting point: At the entrance to the gravel area below Annebo (Old Ice Rink)
Language: Swedish
Duration: approx. 90 min
Price: 240 SEK
This tour is in Swedish.

Tickets are sold at the Karlskrona Tourist Center and online via, see the booking link below.

More information about tickets will be available shortly.