Musical - Babblarna

Musical - Babblarna

After 950 colorful performances with the Babblarna, a completely new swinging and interactive musical for toddlers is coming, 'Babblarna & the Tjingeling Affair'.

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The Babblarna have built a store where you can buy lots of fun things and get songs as a bonus! The children in the audience help Klonk to "Tjingeling-plinga" when the Babblarna shop. Bobbo wants to shop first, and Babba handles the payment. Diddi transforms the entire store into a bus and makes the road twist and turn. Dadda wants to buy nails and boards to build a treehouse. Doddo wants to do magic and buys a magical wizard hat. Bibbi buys paint and lets the children in the audience choose which colors the big brush should paint with.

You fly over the hills - stretch out your arms and come along!
In the Babblarna musicals, all children always participate, and language play is the focus. The performance is presented with speech, signs, song, and dance.

Recommended age: 2-5 years (younger and older children are, of course, welcome!)
This is the show for all children who don't want to sit still.
This show is held in Swedish.

Leave the stroller at home or in the car. Feel free to bring a cushion for your child to sit on. Everyone in the audience needs a ticket, even those sitting on laps.
The performance lasts approximately 45 minutes without an intermission.

Tickets are sold exclusively online via, see the booking link below.