Nature By Andreas - outdoor guides

Nature By Andreas - outdoor guides

Nature By Andreas organizes both big and small adventures. Always in nature. Always with the highest quality. Always with the highest security.

Southern Sweden's, perhaps the most experienced, outdoor guide Andreas organizes adventures, training and experiences. Some events have a given date, other activities we always arrange on request.

Examples of popular activities:
-OUTDOOR COOKING AW: Bring the gang or friends and hang out with us and cook a lovely 3 course over open fire.
- THE ARCHIPELAGO TENT: Experience a night in the archipelago on your very own skerrie with a luxurious expedition tent.
-KAYAK: Learn to paddle kayak from the ground, or join a guided kayak tour.
- WALKING: Explore Blekinge's nature on foot. We offer both day hikes and multi-day tours with overnight stays.