Stand-up: Diyari Mahmoud - Just enough Halal

Stand-up: Diyari Mahmoud - Just enough Halal

Diyari Mahmoud takes you on a humorous journey – filled with belly laughs, serious nonsense, prejudices, and just the right amount of room for reflection.

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For years, Diyari Mahmoud has been one of Sweden's brightest comedy stars on the internet. With millions of views on his sketches, Diyari, along with his now beloved characters Bosse, Baba, and Anders, has played with Swedes' prejudices about immigrants and vice versa.

In his solo show "Just enough Halal," Diyari Mahmoud takes us on a humorous journey through his life – from growing up on the outskirts of Linköping to his career as an engineer (where his dream of comedy was born). In a playful manner, he highlights the challenges that can arise when another culture tries to find its place in the Swedish "Land of Lagom."

Now he is heading out on a stand-up tour.

Location: Sparresalen, Karlskrona
Date: November 23rd at 7:00 PM
Price: 299 SEK including service fee.