The Arcipelago Tent - Nature by Andreas

The Arcipelago Tent - Nature by Andreas

Welcome to book your accommodation in your very own archipelago paradise!
Experience the feeling of taking a dip in the sea, sitting around a fire and slowly watching the sun go down on the horizon, while sipping on something good. Feel the smell of the sea, fresh air and hear the birds.

The archipelago tent is a large, spacious tent with a standing height, which you WALK into. You do not have to crawl into a crowded, damp tent. With us, you sleep royally on a thick mattress with real cuddly duvets and pillows. You sit comfortably on comfortable chairs, if the evening is chilly you wrap yourself in a blanket.

When you book your experience with Nature by Andreas, they prepare everything. You meet at an agreed place and are shown to your hotel room (tent) for the night. After a short review of the guide, you will be left and can enjoy the sea and the surroundings at your own pace.

The places selected are always based on prevailing weather. In almost all cases, there are places where very few people move. Sometimes it becomes a place with sunset and sometimes a place with sunrise. In some places you can swim from your own small beach, in other places from a rock.
In the tent there is always a basic set of equipment.

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