Kvinna som joggar längs Borgmästarefjärden

Five rounds of jogging, plogging * or walking

Here are tips on some wonderful rounds around and near Karlskrona, which are suitable when you are visiting and need a little help with good trails.

Västra Mark - beautiful nature
Do you want to experience beautiful and soothing nature on your exercise round? Soft ground and challenging slopes, short but steep, this is the place for you.

Bryggareberget - Do you like long slopes?
In that case, it is the "Love Trail" (Kärleksstigen) up to the top of Bryggareberget that you should take. The reward when you reach the top is the beautiful view! Combine with a turn around Wämöparken.

Stumholmen - right by the sea
A car-free environment where you easily run several laps around the small island, you are carried forward by the sea, the views and the historic environments! You will be cooled by the wonderful sea breeze as you are never further than 2 meters from the water, the distance is about 1.5 km.

Saltö and Dragsö - a nice family round
Do you like running on hilly nature trails? Then these two islands close to the center are definitely for you. If you take the whole family on the round like that you can count trolls on the troll path on Dragsö, swimming opportunities are available along the entire round which is about 4 km.

Trossö around - the World Heritage Round
A perfect way to discover the city from a new perspective. A running round of about 5 km, for you who like to have asphalt under your feet and the urban environment present.

* Plogging - means that you pick up rubbish while jogging or walking.