Imperial Brewery

Imperial Brewery

A microbrewery in the heart of Karlskrona.

Imperial Brygghus is located at Ronnebygatan 38 in the heart of Karlskrona. The first brewing at this location took place on April 28, 2022. The brewer's name is Emil Fridström, who is also the head chef at the pub where the beer is served. Emil has been a homebrewer for about 3 years. During the autumn of 2020, he had the opportunity to intern at Waxholms Brewery with Jessica and Magnus.

As a helper, sounding board, and technician, Emil has his father Tobbe, whether he likes it or not.

All beer produced at the brewery is sold on tap at The Fox & Anchor. Imperial does not handle cans or bottle packaging; everything is served directly from the tanks to the pub or through disposable kegs, known as keykegs.