Karlskrona disc golf course - Knösö

Karlskrona disc golf course - Knösö

Six baskets and as many starting points form Karlskrona's first disc golf course in the area around Knösövägen.

The disc golf course is for the most part in the green area Bengtsavägen - Knösövägen - Gamla Knösövägen. The course is open to everyone and at each point there is a description of how that hole should be played.

The course consists of six holes, but is designed so that it is possible to expand it in the future. Everyone can play disc golf, regardless of age or past experience.

Facts about disc golf:
• Disc golf is played like regular golf, but with a golf disc instead of a golf club and ball.
• Golf discs look like frisbees but they are differently shaped to fly longer and more stable through the air.
• A disc golf course consists of a number of holes where each hole has a throw-away point and a basket.
• The goal is to take the disc from the throwing point to the basket in as few throws as possible.
• Between the throwing area and the basket, there are often obstacles such as trees, water and wind that force the player to think about and choose the right throw so as not to draw unnecessary throws.
• With a little training you learn to throw the disc at different angles to get around, over or through these obstacles with the goal of passing the course on even fewer throws.
• Disc golf is played at all different levels and has practitioners of all ages.
• Most disc golf courses, including this one are open and are completely free to play.