The Kloss Festival

The Kloss Festival

On May 25, the Kloss Festival comes to Karlskrona and Brinova Arena. It will be a Saturday filled with experiences for all big and small LEGO enthusiasts.

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The Kloss Festival welcomes big and small LEGO enthusiasts to Karlskrona. The organizers of the event promise a Saturday full of experiences, entertainment, creativity and excitement when the Brinova Arena is filled with large LEGO seas, fantastic constructions and the opportunity to meet various LEGO idols.

- It feels fun and exciting to welcome the Kloss Festival to Karlskrona. It is a popular event, which spans generational boundaries and is a must for everyone big and small who likes LEGO. We believe that this will be a very popular family event, which will attract both Karlskrona residents and visiting visitors, says Pär Israelsson, Karlskrona municipality's director of tourism.

- It feels fantastic to visit Karlskrona with the Kloss Festival! Brinova Arena Karlskrona will suit us very well and we look forward to filling the arena with millions of Lego bricks, says Fredrik Novak, Klossfestivalen's founder.

More about The Kloss Festival:
The Kloss Festival is arranged in Brinova Arena Karlskrona, Saturday 25 May 2024, at 10.00 – 17.00. (9.00 - VIP tickets)
Tickets, see link below.