Multisport & Adventure in the archipelago of Karlskrona.

Multisport & Adventure in the archipelago of Karlskrona.

Experience the adventure as a multisportdag in Karlskrona archipelago.

We meet together in the morning with a short briefing where we begin the day with the fit of climbing gear, and then to repel down a 30m cliff. After our first mission, we walk into the terrain to meet up at the kayak place , for about 2h paddling forwards between the islands of the archipelago . In the kayaks we bring lunch , snacks and clothes for the rest of the day.

Then we come ashore with the kayaks , then waiting a pleasing lunch , before we continue with mtb bike out in the enchanted forest . Here we take ourselves along with meadows, over dirt roads and then through fine and forests that is very reminiscent of the enchanted forest .

We have coffee overlooking a beautiful lake, and then bring us back to the starting point again .

Later in the evening we gather together to enjoy a 3 course meal in Karlskrona center , while we see photos of the day. The images you will receive via email afterwards.

What is included:
- Feeder and equipment for all activities.
- Coffee morning and afternoon .
- Light lunch in nature and light 3 course dinner at the restaurant in the evening.
- Photography of activity , where you will receive pictures by email afterwards.

What should you bring with you :
- Clothing for the current weather for the day and tour.
- Dry change of clothes packed in sealed plastic bag .

Prerequisites .
- You must be able to swim , normal physical condition and have tried kayaking at some earlier stage . The minimum age is 15 years .

Change of tour.
If it is raining or windy , we can not implement all aspects of the activity. You are then offered to carry it at another time , or that we cycle or paddle longer, depending on weather conditions .

Promoter of the activity is Utveckling o Äventyr.
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